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Boric Acid Powder Questions & Answers
Questions and answers about the safe and effective use of boric acid powder as a mold remediation product---

     Q. July 25, 2012. My research on Boric Acid powder leads to warnings about the poisonous nature of the powder - I expect that the levels you recommend are safe for re-habitation?
A. It is not safe to eat or drink boric acid powder. Products containing Boric Acid are not for ingestion. Boric Acid has a relatively low accurate toxicity. Small amounts (e.g., teaspoonful) swallowed accidentally are not likely to cause effects; swallowing amounts larger than that may cause gastrointestinal symptoms. Boric Acid did not cause cancer in long term animal studies, and it not consider a carcinogen. Please read the complete boric acid powder material safety data sheet.  When you spray or fog boric acid powder (such as by with a mold fogging machine), follow the many safety instructions posted at Mold Removal. Once the spray or fog has dried, occupancy by people and pets is safe.

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