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“Natural Solutions for a Healthier World™

Enzyme-Based Beyond Green/Beyond Clean
Mold & Bacteria Disinfectant Cleaner

Beyond Green/Beyond Clean catalytic enzyme action is substantially different than other products' synthetic chemical action. Much less product is required and a long-lasting residual effect is included.

In this patent-pending invention Beyond Green/Beyond Clean, the first step is to select very specific microorganisms. Through a proprietary process, the enzymes, important protein catalysts that effect cell growth, are harvested. Next, those specific enzymes are concentrated into solutions that break down unwanted colonies of the same organism when introduced into a target environment. 
Next, we include additional natural ingredients not commonly found in such formulations; this produces a symbiotic effect wherein one ingredient maximizes the potential of another, which by itself, simply would not be as effective. Much trial and error went into this research until the time came that we were certain we had unlocked the secret to which ingredients in which combinations produce the best results.
Finally, scientifically advanced engineering is applied based upon the physical characteristics of the targeted mold spores and bacteria.


You can buy Beyond Green/Beyond Clean in aerosol cans or
liquid 24 oz. bottles or a liquid 1 gallon container. Use your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account to purchase your product choice by clicking on a "Buy Now" button on the right side of this page.

You can also order this unique enzyme cleaner by phoning Phillip Fry toll-free 1-866-300-1616 or Phillip's cell phone 1-480-310-7970.

Client Testimonials for Beyond Green/Beyond Clean

     ►August 23, 2014, Akron, Ohio. “We were referred to EnviroFry by our local HVAC company when it was discovered that our neighbor had a water leak and a mold problem.  Our condo units have one common wall so we were concerned that mold spores had invaded our home also.  Phil Fry immediately returned our call and we scheduled an appointment when he was in the area where we live. He and Divine, along with 2 trainees, thoroughly examined our home using visual examinations of the entire home, moisture tests, air tests and swabs of the duct work and the neighbor’s sidewalk (that had visible signs of mold).  Phil has a wealth of knowledge which he readily shares.  We discussed how mold can be such an environmental health problem and he and Divine gave us ideas on how to continue maintaining our home to keep it mold free. The air test and swabs were sent overnight express to the lab and we had our results the next day.  The tests showed a small amount of spores in our home and the good news was that EnviroFry sells an inexpensive “do-it-yourself enzyme bomb” that eradicates the mold.  We were pleased that the solution was inexpensive and not harmful to the environment and that we will have Phil as a consultant in the future should we need him.  The cost of the examination was well worth the “peace of mind” we now have concerning the safety of our home from mold.”---John and Nina, Akron, Ohio

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Buy five (5) aerosol cans of Beyond Green/Beyond Clean for $125.00, including postal ground delivery anywhere in continental USA. $125.00 for each group of 5 cans.  Delivery ONLY available inside USA.
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Buy two 24 ounce containers of liquid Beyond Green/Beyond Clean for $85.00, including postal ground delivery anywhere in continental USA. Buy in groups of 2.
These 24 ounce containers of liquid enzyme disinfectant can be sent via the post office to Canada, Asia, Europe, and worldwide.  For a delivery quote, please email how many 24 oz. bottles you want to buy, along with your name, complete postal address, nation, and email address to

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Buy 1 gallon of INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH liquid Beyond Green/Beyond Clean for $175.00, including postal ground delivery anywhere in continental USA. Buy in gallon(s).
Delivery ONLY available inside USA.

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